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I want you to hit me as hard as you can sack Callaghan from gremlins and you are on cello comm pop-up movie facts enjoy [ Music ] maybe find a present. For my kid. I tried this one place: [ Music ]. What is it mark? Why? What'S? He doing [ Music ], hey gang you're, going with rockin Ricky Rialto. The voice of Kingston Falls: USA, [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [ Music ] good morning, mrs. deagle, the old bath, never looked better. It'S great you're doing fine thanks hello gerald. It isn't. Captain clip-on, I guess Oh dr. fantasies. I think, what's that, no sure this is my new pet. My dad gave me what's his name. His name's gizmo gift is a Mogwai now watch Pete, maybe you'll see [ Music, ], don't say you're late for the big meeting. It'S really important you're on your way in you reach up, you forgot to shave now. What are you gon na do under normal circumstances? You are in trouble. Gremlins, you got. You got ta watch out for foreigners because they plant gremlins in that machinery. That'S the same! Gremlins brought down our planes in the big one, I don't celebrate Christmas. What are you Hindu or something? No, I just don't like to well. What'S not to like I mean it's a lot of fun. Yeah God say hate Washington's Birthday or Thanksgiving, and nobody cares say you hate Christmas. It really makes you feel, like you're, a leper about shutting up for a change. Okay, already fed you the conventions, great yeah. I said it is that it's great. Actually, the competition is uh. Sorry something's a little more advanced than I expected. Some really neat things yeah. I know it's Christmas Eve I'll do the best. I can [ Music ] mr. Anson vomit strength, [, Music, ], [, Music, ], Frank. You might tear your arm off. You put the cuffs on him. Tell me Sam cute little guy, like this stuff he's got all over: [: Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music. ], look under all the beds. Cuz, you never can tell there just might be a gremlin in your house. Let me just recap: right now is brainy gremlin spider, gremlin back gremlin, lady gremlin, googly-eyed, gremlin electricity, gremlin Hulk, Hogan's don't be in the picture. How about throw in as lemon myself vegetable gremlin just write it up, I'm having so much fun! Thank you. It'S all gon na be in the actual fish [ Music ]. You

Top 10 Suicide Squad Movie Facts

Don'T forget rid of bad guys, sure they're, the bad guys, but doesn't that make them more interesting. Welcome to and today we'll be counting down our picks for the top ten Suicide Squad movie. Facts for this list we'll be exploring the most amazing anecdotes, remarkable rumors and fun facts relating to the third entry in the DC Cinematic Universe, Suicide Squad. But what do you think of Batman's connection to the Suicide Squad and whose side do you think you'll be on in this epic fight between DCs and biggest powerhouses? Number 10. First comic book movie to star a team of villains. Let'S check in some work, but I finally have them the worst of the worst. The relatively young DC Cinematic Universe has its work cut out for it in distinguishing itself from its marble counterpart. But if Suicide Squad is a hit, it'll truly be breaking new cBAM ground Marvel has released team-up films like The Avengers and Captain America, Civil War, underoos, hey everyone they've, even given us a team of Outlaws in guardians of the galaxy, but they were more anti-heroes than Villains question: what if I see something that I wanted taken? It belongs to someone else you will be arrested, but what, if I wanted more than the person who has it still illegal Sony, has discussed a sinister six movie and Fox has toyed with the idea of a Hellfire Club film, but suicide squad officially takes the title Of being the first villain, centric comic book, team-up film, with its main roster of characters coming straight from the rogues gallery, they're bad guys exactly and if anything goes wrong, we blame them. We have built-in deniability number nine micro bombs. Suicide Squad isn't just a name. This is the deal you disobey me. You die. Try to escape. You die no boyfriend, you irritate or vex me, I'm known to be quite back thing, I'm just full warning you you duh in keeping with their contemporary comic-book counterparts. These bad guys are kept on a really short leash. Well, technically, they have a significant amount of mobility because, quite frankly, their job description involves a lot of running, jumping, shooting and impressive feats of strength, so much for low profile, but thanks to a micro bomb implanted in each member of The Suicide Squad, Amanda Waller has The ability to end the lives of squad members with the click of a button, that's about the most effective leash you can ask for, if you're trying to keep tabs on this band of career criminals in Psychopaths Suicide Squad, instructions read as follows: you can kill, but Only the people we tell you to or be killed number eight Batman's rule holiday, chit-chats gon na get charged in an interview with Empire magazine. Zack Snyder revealed that most members of the Suicide Squad have something in common. Apart from being extremely dangerous criminals, they have Batman to thank for their current stay in prison. It'S unclear as to how much screen time the Dark Knight will get in this villain. Centric flick but the first trailer revealed that he'll be interacting with the Joker or at least taking a ride on the hood of the Joker sports car. It'S hard to imagine the Caped Crusader being okay with Amanda Waller, letting criminals out of prison which has led to the speculation that will most likely be see him trading words with the brains behind the Suicide Squad as well Waller. You knew when you sent your little Suicide Squad into Arkham. They'D, go off-script number 7, Harley Quinn's long short list that I should kill everyone in escape. Sorry, the voices they really said. The teaser trailer for Suicide Squad took Comic Con and the world by storm. In 2015 and Margot Robbie's, Harley Quinn was central to this eerie and captivating first peek. If this first look and subsequent trailers have made panes hopeful for one thing, it's that Harley Quinn will not disappoint the hell's wrong to people for bad guys. That'S what we do! It'S hard to believe that WB ever considered anyone else, but they reportedly shortlisted Allison brief Mila Kunis, Emma Watson, kat dennings, Jennifer Lawrence and many others, suggesting that the character could have gone in many different directions. Wb and David Ayer seemingly had full confidence in their final choice. However, as according to Robbie, she didn't even have to audition. I actually got off in this one. I didn't my audition, which is a real step up as an actor when you can get off of things. Number 6 prioritizing practical effects, so save the world CGI and film has made leaps and bounds since it was first used to digitize the worldview of Yul Brynner's. Robotic gun slinger in the 1973 film West world, but for all the progress it's still hard to deny that CGI, when used too liberally, take something away from contemporary action. Films, Christopher Nolan, might have prioritized practical effects over CGI in his bat films, but Zack Snyder's, Batman, vs Superman was criticized for overusing CGI, especially in the climactic battle. What have you done? Thankfully, David Ayer has stated in interviews that suicide squads production focused on practical effects. As much as possible, with characters like enchantress and El Diablo and the lineup will surely see some CGI magic but hopefully it'll be in moderation, number 5 matching tattoos. I was riding a wood and I spelt it wrong. Apparently, David Ayer strongly encouraged his Suicide Squad cast to bond over the course of filming if they were to become a believable ragtag team of misfits on-screen. They needed to be a tight-knit team off-camera. First, they hung out together in a communal rec room where they had birthday parties watched sports and played ping-pong according to Killer Croc himself, Adewale akinnuoye-agbaje Will Smith took the lead in team-building activities, weird whiskey. What am i 12, how you have stuff Warner? A number of cast and crew members seemingly went so far as to tattoo sk w ad, on each other and in photos. It appears that margot robbie performed some of the tattooing herself. She actually admits to having made a spelling mistake once oops. How did you spell it Sawa dear, but I went straight from the S to the W squad. Unfortunately, there's really no take to when you're tattooing remind me not to let you tattoo, but if you still want one number, four Ryan Gosling almost played the Joker. Let'S play Hollywood: what? If what? If John Travolta hadn't turn down the role in Forrest Gump, what, if Tom Hanks it played Jerry Maguire? What? If Ryan Gosling hadn't walked away from being the Joker? Apparently, he was offered the role first. Jared Leto is a respected actor, but Ryan Gosling is one of the few contemporary actors with comparable clout and film resume to back it up. I got this sweet job coming up. How about this shut your mouth I'll? Kick your teeth down! You throwing now shut it for you. He was initially interested, but the multi film contract killed the deal Joker, maybe the role of a lifetime, but not necessarily the one he wanted to spend a lifetime playing Ryan Gosling hasn't committed to a long-running project since young Hercules. Hey, can you blame him for wanting to keep his options open, though? Hey nice item number three Tom Hardy originally cast as Rick Flagg Rick you're, a good soldier. Your father would be proud. It'S hard to believe that this 1998 male modeling competition winner became one of Hollywood's biggest names. The Dark Knight Rises failed to please everyone, but the sheer brutality of Hardy's grounded Nolan verse interpretation of Bane was certainly a standout performance stock-exchange. There'S no money. You could steal right now. Why are you people here fans rejoice to hear that he'd be joining the Suicide Squad, but filming overlapped with the revenant forcing him to drop out the start? I don't feel nothing. I just heard the sound of knife scraping against my skull as sad, as was to lose him. It'S still a testament to David Ayer script that Hardy took the role. Jai Courtney had vowed to never do a comic-book movie until he heard David Ayres pitch. Here'S hoping that the compelling script translates to the screen and maybe Hardy will get another shot to join the team in a sequel, [, Music ] number, two reshoots, so that's it huh, where the passes with some kind of Suicide Squad. It'S a word that media outlets love to jump on the dreaded reshoots reshoots have garnered the reputation of meaning. This movie is a train wreck, but in reality, most big-budget films involve some reshoots. With a film of this scope, it's often worth going back and fine-tuning to get the best results, even in situations where reshoots are used to fix major issues as World War. Z certainly proved. According to the rumor mill, Suicide Squad underwent reshoots to add more levity. Despite a few jokes in the trailer, it was supposedly turning into a pretty dark movie after the mediocre reception, Batman V Superman received with its somber tone, insiders claim that the studio ordered a comedic booster shot for Suicide Squad. However, the film's director David Ayer, maintains that the reshoots are not to adjust the film's tone. Y'All Joker's must be crazy, [, Music ], but before we reveal our top pick here, a few honorable mentions this ain't no task force. Let'S call it like it is: go to the Suicide Squad. [ Music ] number one Jared Leto's method. Acting, I'm not gon na kill ya, [ Music ], I'm just gon na hurt you really really bad method. Acting has been used by many of the greats, including Marlon, Brando, Sally Field, Daniel day-lewis, Jack Nicholson and tragically Heath Ledger when he took on the mantle of the Clown Prince of Crime for the Dark Knight, thankfully Jared Leto seems to have successfully come out. The other side of his time as mr. J, but things still got pretty dark and weird during his time and character. He reportedly sent his fellow cast members gifts that only a true gang of sadistic killers could appreciate things like bullets, sly, brats, a dead pig used, condoms and more he sent a dead pig Margo got a live rat. The rat is attained gift. I still have the snake he gave me. Pinky Leto describes the role as walking on hallowed ground and in order to do it justice he needed to live as the Joker full-time. Can I get? Do you agree with our list? What'S your favorite Suicide Squad fact for more larger-than-life top 10s published every day be sure to subscribe to [ Music ]

Top 10 Movie Facts

If you played any of the portal games, you know there's an evil AI in the game, with a very unique voice called GLaDOS. Let me give you the fast version there. If you have any questions, just remember what I said in slow motion that same AI makes several cameo appearances in the movie Pacific Rim featuring a very similar voice. Producer Guillermo del Toro was such a fan of the games that he approached the games. Developers valve who approved the idea call an Ellis house from the movie up actually exist in real life. The house is located in Utah. I was sold for $ 400,000 to two self-described Disney fanatics in late 2011. The house stays true to the original down to the smallest of details, such as the mailbox custom-made Carl and Ellie chairs, and the murals painted by L in the movie, while working on the set of Armageddon Ben Affleck tasks director Michael Bay. Why NASA would train an inexperienced drilling crew to become astronauts when it would be much easier to teach already trained astronauts? How to drill Michael Bay, jokingly, replied, shut the fuck up, and then he exploded, Matt Damon's role as the lead character in the movie. Elijah was first actually offered to Eminem. He was reportedly very interested, but turned it down due to one may condition not being met. He would only star in a movie if it was shot in his hometown. Detroit Eminem's demand ultimately led the director to choose Matt Damon. Instead, samuel l.jackson is the perfect person to play Nick Fury in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I'M not saying that as a fan myself. Rather it's because Nick Fury in Marvel's ultimate universe, comics was actually based on samuel l.jackson to begin with in Jurassic Park. There'S a scene where a t-rex attacks a vehicle with two children side when the t-rex launches at the roof of the vehicle, the glass breaks lands on top of the children. However, this was not meant to happen, so the screams of fear you see in this scene are somewhat genuine as the animatronic dinosaur attacks and breaks the glass in Star Wars. Return of the Jedi Luke wears black clothes throughout the movie symbolizing. The possibility of him falling to the dark side of the force, but at the movies climax, when Luke ultimately rejects the dark side. His jacket falls open to reveal that it was white underneath all along there's a scene in the first spider-man movie, where spider-man catches, Mary Jane, as well as her lunch tray from falling to the floor. This scene involves no CGI or special effects of any kind actor Tobey, Maguire finally managed to catch the food on the train. Just as it's seen in the movie after 156 takes the only trickery used was some glue to stick the launch trade to McGuire's hand. The mast used by Michael Myers in the movie Halloween is actually a max formed of the Captain Kirk from Star Trek. After removing the eyebrows and sideburns spray-painting, the hair Brown opening up the ice more and painting the face white, the crew found the masks to be eerily emotionless and perfect. For the movie. There is an elaborate and somewhat complicated theory about Pixar movies, saying that all movies are connected. For example, the theory says that the witch in brave is actually boo from Monsters. Inc who's been looking for Sulley ever since she was a kid that's because in brave, the witch has a carved out picture of solely from Monsters Inc, as well as a wooden model of the pizza truck from the Toy Story movies. But there's more, you know how in Monsters Inc they go through doors to get to the human world to scare kids. The theory is that the monsters actually travelled back in time to when humans still existed, and if we go back to brave, we see that the which transforms the inside of their house by closing and opening a door supposedly by using the same technique. This might also explain what she has a model of the pizza truck as she's been traveling through time using magic to find Sully. But this theory is very long in detail and I don't have nearly enough time to indulge into this any further. If you'd like to know more about it, though you can do so by visiting Pixar theory dot-com or by simply searching for the Pixar theory in a world where everything you say sounds like you're burping or just like any movie trailer ever. I have no idea where I'm going with this. I just thought I would try out this voice because you know movie trailers and movie facts. You know they go and not anyway, so subscribe to top 10 memes for more cool stuff like this and yeah. Maybe I should make an episode entirely in this voice: yeah, probably not so. Ok fuck, this

25 Facts About The Godfather

1., The Godfather and The Godfather Part II are based on the 1969 bestselling book by Mario Puzo.. Paramount Pictures bought the film rights before he'd even finished the novel and developed the book with him until it was published. 2.. Francis Ford Coppola was far from Paramount’s. First, choice to direct.: They offered the job to 12 other directors before him., But the reason they went for him in the end is because he was the most successful American-Italian director at the time and they felt an Italian should direct a movie about Italians. Producer. Robert Evans also thought he’d work cheap and they could control him. How wrong they were. It was a nightmarish shoot.. On the second film he was given total creative control, which led to a very smooth experience.. Although that’s his story, when everyone is doing what you say, you probably don’t notice, if they’re having a rough time., 3., Coppola and Puzo adapted the book by writing two scripts, one each and separately., Then they combined the two scripts into one massive three-hour screenplay.. Yet they were still writing scenes while they were filming., They brought in Robert Towne, who wrote Chinatown to do some script doctoring.. He pretty much wrote the whole garden scene with Pacino and Brando.. Still. The script was about an hour longer than Paramount wanted and they had to fight for it. 4. Coppola, finally, convinced Paramount that a two-hour version wouldn’t work after shooting had finished., He cut it all down according to Paramount’s request and when they saw it. Robert Evans told him to restore the full-length version. 5. Robert Evans wanted Robert Redford or Ryan O'Neal for Michael Corleone, but Coppola insisted on Al Pacino.. Pacino only had one film under his belt at the time, so the studio really weren’t keen. Man. This is becoming a theme. Even after they started filming the studio wanted to fire Pacino. It wasn’t until they saw the scene where he kills McCluskey and Sollozzo that they realised how good he could be. He’s since been nominated for 8 Oscars, two of them for his Role as Michael Corleone. 6., They also really wanted anyone but Marlon Brando to play the Godfather., Even by 1972, he’d developed a reputation for being batshit crazy and impossible to work. With. 7.. The studio constantly tried to fire Coppola throughout the making of the first film.. They hated the dark lighting and all the long talky scenes. They had Elia Kazan, who directed Marlon Brando in A Streetcar Named Desire and On The Waterfront ready to take over at a moment's notice. Coppola, fell out with and fired the editor along with a bunch of Other crew members, he thought were betraying him.. Luckily Brando came to the rescue and threatened to quit if Coppola were fired. 8.. The cat Brando is stroking in this scene is just a stray that wandered onto the set. 9. Brando, never learned his lines and read them off cue cards held by other actors or stuck on the wall off-camera.. He also put weights on the stretcher during this scene. As a joke and during the wedding sequence, he mooned a few hundred extras. 10. Brando won the Best Actor Oscar for playing Don Vito but famously rejected it.. He sent actress and activist Sacheen Littlefeather in his place to give a speech about Hollywood’s, poor treatment of Native Americans.. Her real name is Marie. Louise Cruz. 11. Coppola hated violence, but the studio insisted on including the ‘ultraviolence’ that made A Clockwork Orange, so popular., So Coppola made it really over the top. For this scene. James Caan was rigged with 147 squibs And that horse's head was absolutely real grabbed from a pet food. Factory. 12.. The final battle Coppola had to fight was over the music.. I know It sounds silly, but Paramount hated. The score. Luckily test audiences loved it. So it stayed. It went on to be nominated for an Oscar for Best Original Score., But the Academy revoked the nomination shortly before the awards ceremony, because composer Nino Rota had used. The love theme for an Italian film called Fortunella in 1958. 13., Never mind because they gave him the Oscar for his score to The Godfather Part II., But .surely his music for Part II is even less original than his music for the first one, Bah I’m confused.. 14., Originally Francis Ford Coppola didn’t want to direct the second film.. He was just going to produce it and picked Martin Scorsese to direct., But the studio didn’t like Scorsese and Coppola stepped in. 15. Scorsese’s favorite muse Robert De Niro spent months preparing to play the young Vito Corleone.. He lived in Sicily and learned to speak Sicilian fluently, since all his dialogue is in Sicilian., 16. De Niro went on to win the Best Supporting Actor Oscar, making him and Marlon Brando the only people to win Oscars for playing the same character. 17.. Originally Hyman Roth was going to be played by Elia Kazan yep, that’s right. The director who was all set to replace Coppola on the first film. Kazan declined and Lee Strasberg was cast instead, but Elia Kazan’s habit of walking around topless was kept for the character. 18.. The rough cut of the film was about six hours, long. Coppola removed loads of subplots and scenes to get it down to three hours. Most of the footage is lost. Now. 19.. Even then test audiences hated the first cut of Part II.. All the back-and-forth cross-cutting between timelines was considered a real mess. Coppola and the editors rushed to recut it in just the week before it was released. And hey presto, Classic film. 20.. The Godfather Part III is the lesser film and was never meant to happen. Coppola repeatedly refused to do it., But he eventually agreed when his production company got into financial trouble after a series of commercial failures in the 80s.. Hence the 16 year gap between the second and third films. 21. Winona Ryder was going to play Mary Corleone, but she backed out to star in Edward Scissorhands, instead. Good call Winona.. So Francis Ford Coppola replaced her with his daughter and future not-bad director Sofia.. She won two Razzies for her performance. 22.. In case you were thinking that nepotism ruined The Godfather Part III, it didn’t. The whole trilogy is a family affair., Coppola’s sister Talia Shire plays Connie Corleone

10 Mind-Blowing Disney Movie Facts

Let'S just come out and say it Disney are pretty great they've got away at capturing emotion, implying it in such a way that it will stay with you forever, whether it's hand-drawn or CGI. They really are masters at their craft, except maybe when it comes to cars that that one felt like a bit of a wallet rape. If I'm honest, however, you can't go on for as long as this company has without having some fairly weird stuff happening. So I've been penciled in to give you a sneaky look at some oddness not seen outside of toontown. With this in mind, I'm Jules for what Coach calm and these are 10 mind-blowing Disney movie facts. Number 10. The Spice Girls almost appeared in Hercules. Hercules is a fantastic film, and that is in some part down to it's excellent soundtrack, which brings in a gospel vibe to the proceedings. I mean it doesn't really make a lick of sense. That gospel meets Greek in this manner, if you think about it, but it's glorious. Nonetheless, however, it could have been a lot different as believe it or not. The Spice Girls were approached by producers to voice the muses. This would not only have changed the appearance, but probably the type of music. For these figures. Luckily, for us, the paprika princesses had to turn down the roles as they were busy with touring number 9: the Pinocchio incident. Okay, so this story is a belter, so in order to promote Pinocchio cinematic release in 1940, Disney hired, eleven extremely short people like only a smidge taller than tiny Peter and were told to act jovially and welcome people to the premiere. Things took a sour turn, though, when it turns out that the hired actors were left with a ton of booze and apparently went to King town on it. This led to them becoming drunk stripping off and shouting obscenities at the crowd around them. Tragic hilarious. Just how I like it number eight baymax's inspiration, baymax's movement in big hero. Six is a huge part of its charm, he's almost infantile in the way he walks, and it should come as no surprise that his inspiration came from one of the cutest corners of the animal kingdom. The big white robots movements are in fact modeled on those of a baby penguins and their trademark waddle. How adorable also fun fact you know that rabbit. That'S in Zootopia she's, actually based get this on a rabbit who knew number seven Disney and Dachau. One of the key driving creative forces behind Mary Poppins actually had a major part to play in one of the most notorious moments in the Second World War Disney song writer, Robert Sherman, who helped compose Disney anthem. It'S a small world after all, was also a key player in writing the popin soundtrack. He was also one of the officers who led the first u.s. troops in to liberate Dachau, there's another military link in Disney too, as the child actor. Who did the voice of Bambi as a young boy? Donnie Dunnigan went on to become the youngest-ever drill instructor in Marines history and served three tours in Vietnam. Number six Toy Story. 2 was almost lost at one point in time. Toy Story: 2 was actually going to be a straight-to-dvd affair. However, after John Lasseter completed a bug's life, he decided that it wasn't good enough to proceed that this decision meant that he and his team now only had nine months to make an entire film. Things were almost even worse, though, thanks to an animator with an overzealous desire to clean up their files. Through this clear up of unused and dropped scenes, the animator began a deletion of a root folder to the entire project, resulting in 90 % of the film being lost. Luckily, the technical director at the time was working from home and had a backup of the assets. Luckily, this allowed the film to be released on time and become one of the best sequels Disney has ever done. Number 5. The missing Dwarfs jumpy Daffy, dizzy, Weezy Hickey, boldy, Gaby, nifty, sniffy, Swift, lazy, puppy, stuffy, tubby, shorty Burpee know if this isn't just a list of my personal traits. These were the alternate names for the seven dwarfs at some point in time or another, nothing more to say on this. Apart from hash tag, all funny names number four: The Nightmare Before Christmas took ages to make looking back at The Nightmare Before Christmas, it shouldn't come as too much of a surprise that it took a long time to get Tim Burton's twisted vision to come to life. Stop-Motion is incredibly time consuming and even more so back in the day when this medium was still coming into its own. In fact, it was so long that it took them an entire week to film one minute that is insane and to help film those sequences. The animators used more than 400 different Jack Skellington mental number. Three, the ring and lilo and stitch actually linked, lilo and stitch was almost a far darker film than what was released with a lot of the violence being toned down after early test screenings and a huge set piece involving a hijacked Boeing, 747 being dropped in the Wake of the 9/11 attacks. One strange note of darkness that wasn't changed, though, came with the revelation that Davy chased. The young actress who voiced lilo is the same actress who played Samara in the American remake of the ring. She actually played both roles in the same year and when you look at Lilo's behavior, you can sort of see it sometimes number. Two, a lot of spots: have you ever watched 101 Dalmatians and just wondered how many Dalmatian spots are visible on screen all the way through now. Of course, you haven't because you're not some sort of Mentalist, but somebody once did and that actually is an answer. It turns out that there are and wait for it: six million four hundred and sixty nine thousand nine hundred and fifty two spots visible on screen, which breaks down as seventy two spots on Pongo 68 on Perdita and 32 on each puppy. Stunningly though this wasn't actually revealed by Disney, but by a fan who painstakingly counted frame by frame and number one judge dooms other crime as cinematic villains go judge. Doom is pretty bad. He reveals that he's murdered Eddy's brother and kills a shoe and also generally plans on the destructions of lots of innocent beloved cartoon characters of toontown. Despite the fact he's attune himself, like, I said bad guy originally, though, he had an even more grim backstory, which involved him being revealed as the man otherwise known as the hunter who killed Bambi's mother in one of Disney's, most devastating moments in the early drafts Eddy Mentions to roger that the person who killed teddy was probably the same person who pulled the trigger to take her down. Thankfully this was cut and we only had nightmares as kids because of this face for 15 years instead of 20 Disney four families by nutjobs, and that's all this got any other mind-blowing Disney facts you'd like to share well, let me know about them in the comment Section below and why not swing by what culture come for more news and articles like this every goddamn day, as always, I've been Jules you've been awesome and I'll speak to you soon.

7 False Movie "Facts" You Probably Believe

[ Music ], according to whichever dictionary came up first on Google, a fact is defined as a thing that is known or proved to be true. It'S interesting then, given that so many things that are labeled as facts are absolutely not with the quiet exception of Hana. No politics! No! Where does more guff get past this fact than the crazy world of cinema movie productions of such bizarre places that no matter how strange the rumor there is a chance. It could be true. Sadly, though, a lot of it isn't it since I don't want you looking like a complete bitch in front of your alleged friends, I am here today to debunk some of them loosely. My name is Adam Cleary on these are seven faults, movie facts. You probably believe, but before we begin, why not subscribe to stay notified, ding ding done number seven Darth Vader was always meant to be Luke's. Dad George Lucas is a character, isn't he a cease to be believed and he had the entire Star Wars. Saga mapped out from day one, including all the twists and turns, but he didn't know did he doesn't matter how many times he tells people Greedo was always supposed to shoot first or he had 12 installments planned out in his head. That is a lie to lie. That he keeps telling people perhaps his biggest slice of revisionism was the claim that Darth Vader was always Luke Skywalker's father from day one, despite it being proved repeatedly that it didn't come up until a later draft of the Empire Strikes Back. The original script did feature Luke's father, yes, but he was a force ghost who arrived to help train him. It did involve Luke fighting Vader at the end, but there was no revelation whatsoever about anybody's parentage. Despite what the big man says, number 6 Walt Disney's head is cryogenically frozen. Yes, oh all right. While I am about to debunk this myth, please keep in mind that I really really really wish it was true but yeah. Sadly, despite the commonly held belief that Walt had his head frozen in both ice and time, presumably so he could make some kind of return to life in some weird Futurama style, glass, jar. It is simply not the case Disney get asked about this all the freakin time and they very wearily roll their eyes and tell us that no, he is not frozen at Disneyland. He was cremated in 1966, which is pretty much the exact opposite of being frozen. I am really disappointed number five there's a dead body in The Wizard of Oz, when three men and a baby was released. A rumor started that you could see an actual real-life ghost in the background of one of the scenes and, despite it being debunked many many times since they all persist with it, because they want to believe that's true. It'S the same thing with the massive air-quote munchkin suicide from The Wizard of Oz. The story goes that one of the actors playing the munchkins got incredibly depressed, while filming hung himself on set, and nobody noticed us, you can see him swinging in the background of one of the sets. Look you're, not gon na believe the actual explanation for this. God knows I had to check it four times, but if you zoom in really close and watch it at normal speed, it is apparently an emu. Yes, I yeah and an actual I know I know I know I know, does it being an emu, make any sense. You know, of course it not, but does it make more sense than the fact that a munchkin actor hung himself, nobody noticed and they left it in the film slightly maybe number four, the gunshot that killed Brandon Lee is in The Crow. I mean it sounds like a modern movie myth in itself that Brandon lady after who played the crow, was killed because a prop gun was accidentally loaded, but no that bit is true. What isn't true, though, is the rumor that not only did said gunshot get recorded, but it actually made it into the final cut of the movie. The story goes that the warning question just happened to be the best shot. They took that day, no pun intended and with him being dead, they couldn't exactly reshoot it. However, the studio has, quite understandably reassured everybody for years that this is not the case. I mean nobody's listening to them, obviously, but they have repeatedly said that the footage wasn't even developed, let alone edited number three. The Incredibles Edna -- mode is based on Edith Head, read any list of Pixar trivia, she's, probably even on this site, and you will see some kind of nod that Edna capes II was a living tribute to legendary costume designer Edith Head. They look alike. Their names are fairly similar and I guess they've kind of got this same job. So it's a bit of a no-brainer that one you think, but apparently not director Brad Bird himself has said that this is not true doing a fine QA on Twitter, a while back. He was asked directly if Edith Head was the inspiration from the character Annie shut, that down straightaway. Apparently, people from 27 and Counting countries have assumed it is based on one of their local icons and they're all wrong number two diehards started life as commando right. Well, this video just got personal. I want to lost the tiebreaking question in a pub quiz which was which movie die hard originally start out as and the answer was apparently commando now, if any of you are, I don't know legal experts out there. Please do get in the comments and let me know whether or not I can't pursue the tyneside cinema in Newcastle for the 30 pound bar table. I was logged off because apparently, I've learned during this video that is not true, so says: screenwriter, Stephen D'Souza. No, he wrote die hard and commando, but he completely unrelated brand-new original, not connected to die hard. In any way commando I mean, I guess, with them being optioned at the same time, some idiot in Hollywood must've just assumed it was a recycling job and passed that around as fuck. No, it's fine, I'm fine! I'M over! It'S fine! I'M fine! Now the latter script, which never got used, admittedly did feature, are any fighting bad guys in a tall building, but had nothing to do whatsoever with what ended up being die hard that was based on a book called nothing lasts forever by a mr. throb. Nothing else. That'S a good name number one: Lance Henriksen has been killed by a terminator, an alien and a predator. I'M not proud of this one, because it's a really good fact and Lance Henriksen seems like a pretty cool dude, but the next time the trivia question comes up. Name the two people to be killed by an alien, a predator and the Terminator simply shake your head, because the answer is: there's only one. You see despite the answer for years being Bill, Paxton and Henriksen. The latter has not completed the full set because, while yes, the alien queen, did rip him in half in aliens, he did not die from those wounds. He simply shut himself down of his own accord in aliens 3. I'M sorry, I know, I'm sorry is this pinnacle II, yes, is a tenuous. Yes, is it more anal than a Greek stab? Do yes, you're right? Absolutely, it is, but only bill paxton who absolutely ate it in Terminator predator, 2 and aliens. Has this honor? I'M sorry Lance, I'm so sorry, so there you go seven faults movie facts. You no longer believe are true. If you ever told your phone at parties, you can you can. 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