10 Mind-Blowing Disney Movie Facts

Let'S just come out and say it Disney are pretty great they've got away at capturing emotion, implying it in such a way that it will stay with you forever, whether it's hand-drawn or CGI. They really are masters at their craft, except maybe when it comes to cars that that one felt like a bit of a wallet rape. If I'm honest, however, you can't go on for as long as this company has without having some fairly weird stuff happening. So I've been penciled in to give you a sneaky look at some oddness not seen outside of toontown. With this in mind, I'm Jules for what Coach calm and these are 10 mind-blowing Disney movie facts. Number 10. The Spice Girls almost appeared in Hercules. Hercules is a fantastic film, and that is in some part down to it's excellent soundtrack, which brings in a gospel vibe to the proceedings. I mean it doesn't really make a lick of sense. That gospel meets Greek in this manner, if you think about it, but it's glorious. Nonetheless, however, it could have been a lot different as believe it or not. The Spice Girls were approached by producers to voice the muses. This would not only have changed the appearance, but probably the type of music. For these figures. Luckily, for us, the paprika princesses had to turn down the roles as they were busy with touring number 9: the Pinocchio incident. Okay, so this story is a belter, so in order to promote Pinocchio cinematic release in 1940, Disney hired, eleven extremely short people like only a smidge taller than tiny Peter and were told to act jovially and welcome people to the premiere. Things took a sour turn, though, when it turns out that the hired actors were left with a ton of booze and apparently went to King town on it. This led to them becoming drunk stripping off and shouting obscenities at the crowd around them. Tragic hilarious. Just how I like it number eight baymax's inspiration, baymax's movement in big hero. Six is a huge part of its charm, he's almost infantile in the way he walks, and it should come as no surprise that his inspiration came from one of the cutest corners of the animal kingdom. The big white robots movements are in fact modeled on those of a baby penguins and their trademark waddle. How adorable also fun fact you know that rabbit. That'S in Zootopia she's, actually based get this on a rabbit who knew number seven Disney and Dachau. One of the key driving creative forces behind Mary Poppins actually had a major part to play in one of the most notorious moments in the Second World War Disney song writer, Robert Sherman, who helped compose Disney anthem. It'S a small world after all, was also a key player in writing the popin soundtrack. He was also one of the officers who led the first u.s. troops in to liberate Dachau, there's another military link in Disney too, as the child actor. Who did the voice of Bambi as a young boy? Donnie Dunnigan went on to become the youngest-ever drill instructor in Marines history and served three tours in Vietnam. Number six Toy Story. 2 was almost lost at one point in time. Toy Story: 2 was actually going to be a straight-to-dvd affair. However, after John Lasseter completed a bug's life, he decided that it wasn't good enough to proceed that this decision meant that he and his team now only had nine months to make an entire film. Things were almost even worse, though, thanks to an animator with an overzealous desire to clean up their files. Through this clear up of unused and dropped scenes, the animator began a deletion of a root folder to the entire project, resulting in 90 % of the film being lost. Luckily, the technical director at the time was working from home and had a backup of the assets. Luckily, this allowed the film to be released on time and become one of the best sequels Disney has ever done. Number 5. The missing Dwarfs jumpy Daffy, dizzy, Weezy Hickey, boldy, Gaby, nifty, sniffy, Swift, lazy, puppy, stuffy, tubby, shorty Burpee know if this isn't just a list of my personal traits. These were the alternate names for the seven dwarfs at some point in time or another, nothing more to say on this. Apart from hash tag, all funny names number four: The Nightmare Before Christmas took ages to make looking back at The Nightmare Before Christmas, it shouldn't come as too much of a surprise that it took a long time to get Tim Burton's twisted vision to come to life. Stop-Motion is incredibly time consuming and even more so back in the day when this medium was still coming into its own. In fact, it was so long that it took them an entire week to film one minute that is insane and to help film those sequences. The animators used more than 400 different Jack Skellington mental number. Three, the ring and lilo and stitch actually linked, lilo and stitch was almost a far darker film than what was released with a lot of the violence being toned down after early test screenings and a huge set piece involving a hijacked Boeing, 747 being dropped in the Wake of the 9/11 attacks. One strange note of darkness that wasn't changed, though, came with the revelation that Davy chased. The young actress who voiced lilo is the same actress who played Samara in the American remake of the ring. She actually played both roles in the same year and when you look at Lilo's behavior, you can sort of see it sometimes number. Two, a lot of spots: have you ever watched 101 Dalmatians and just wondered how many Dalmatian spots are visible on screen all the way through now. Of course, you haven't because you're not some sort of Mentalist, but somebody once did and that actually is an answer. It turns out that there are and wait for it: six million four hundred and sixty nine thousand nine hundred and fifty two spots visible on screen, which breaks down as seventy two spots on Pongo 68 on Perdita and 32 on each puppy. Stunningly though this wasn't actually revealed by Disney, but by a fan who painstakingly counted frame by frame and number one judge dooms other crime as cinematic villains go judge. Doom is pretty bad. He reveals that he's murdered Eddy's brother and kills a shoe and also generally plans on the destructions of lots of innocent beloved cartoon characters of toontown. Despite the fact he's attune himself, like, I said bad guy originally, though, he had an even more grim backstory, which involved him being revealed as the man otherwise known as the hunter who killed Bambi's mother in one of Disney's, most devastating moments in the early drafts Eddy Mentions to roger that the person who killed teddy was probably the same person who pulled the trigger to take her down. Thankfully this was cut and we only had nightmares as kids because of this face for 15 years instead of 20 Disney four families by nutjobs, and that's all this got any other mind-blowing Disney facts you'd like to share well, let me know about them in the comment Section below and why not swing by what culture come for more news and articles like this every goddamn day, as always, I've been Jules you've been awesome and I'll speak to you soon.

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