7 False Movie "Facts" You Probably Believe

[ Music ], according to whichever dictionary came up first on Google, a fact is defined as a thing that is known or proved to be true. It'S interesting then, given that so many things that are labeled as facts are absolutely not with the quiet exception of Hana. No politics! No! Where does more guff get past this fact than the crazy world of cinema movie productions of such bizarre places that no matter how strange the rumor there is a chance. It could be true. Sadly, though, a lot of it isn't it since I don't want you looking like a complete bitch in front of your alleged friends, I am here today to debunk some of them loosely. My name is Adam Cleary on these are seven faults, movie facts. You probably believe, but before we begin, why not subscribe to stay notified, ding ding done number seven Darth Vader was always meant to be Luke's. Dad George Lucas is a character, isn't he a cease to be believed and he had the entire Star Wars. Saga mapped out from day one, including all the twists and turns, but he didn't know did he doesn't matter how many times he tells people Greedo was always supposed to shoot first or he had 12 installments planned out in his head. That is a lie to lie. That he keeps telling people perhaps his biggest slice of revisionism was the claim that Darth Vader was always Luke Skywalker's father from day one, despite it being proved repeatedly that it didn't come up until a later draft of the Empire Strikes Back. The original script did feature Luke's father, yes, but he was a force ghost who arrived to help train him. It did involve Luke fighting Vader at the end, but there was no revelation whatsoever about anybody's parentage. Despite what the big man says, number 6 Walt Disney's head is cryogenically frozen. Yes, oh all right. While I am about to debunk this myth, please keep in mind that I really really really wish it was true but yeah. Sadly, despite the commonly held belief that Walt had his head frozen in both ice and time, presumably so he could make some kind of return to life in some weird Futurama style, glass, jar. It is simply not the case Disney get asked about this all the freakin time and they very wearily roll their eyes and tell us that no, he is not frozen at Disneyland. He was cremated in 1966, which is pretty much the exact opposite of being frozen. I am really disappointed number five there's a dead body in The Wizard of Oz, when three men and a baby was released. A rumor started that you could see an actual real-life ghost in the background of one of the scenes and, despite it being debunked many many times since they all persist with it, because they want to believe that's true. It'S the same thing with the massive air-quote munchkin suicide from The Wizard of Oz. The story goes that one of the actors playing the munchkins got incredibly depressed, while filming hung himself on set, and nobody noticed us, you can see him swinging in the background of one of the sets. Look you're, not gon na believe the actual explanation for this. God knows I had to check it four times, but if you zoom in really close and watch it at normal speed, it is apparently an emu. Yes, I yeah and an actual I know I know I know I know, does it being an emu, make any sense. You know, of course it not, but does it make more sense than the fact that a munchkin actor hung himself, nobody noticed and they left it in the film slightly maybe number four, the gunshot that killed Brandon Lee is in The Crow. I mean it sounds like a modern movie myth in itself that Brandon lady after who played the crow, was killed because a prop gun was accidentally loaded, but no that bit is true. What isn't true, though, is the rumor that not only did said gunshot get recorded, but it actually made it into the final cut of the movie. The story goes that the warning question just happened to be the best shot. They took that day, no pun intended and with him being dead, they couldn't exactly reshoot it. However, the studio has, quite understandably reassured everybody for years that this is not the case. I mean nobody's listening to them, obviously, but they have repeatedly said that the footage wasn't even developed, let alone edited number three. The Incredibles Edna -- mode is based on Edith Head, read any list of Pixar trivia, she's, probably even on this site, and you will see some kind of nod that Edna capes II was a living tribute to legendary costume designer Edith Head. They look alike. Their names are fairly similar and I guess they've kind of got this same job. So it's a bit of a no-brainer that one you think, but apparently not director Brad Bird himself has said that this is not true doing a fine QA on Twitter, a while back. He was asked directly if Edith Head was the inspiration from the character Annie shut, that down straightaway. Apparently, people from 27 and Counting countries have assumed it is based on one of their local icons and they're all wrong number two diehards started life as commando right. Well, this video just got personal. I want to lost the tiebreaking question in a pub quiz which was which movie die hard originally start out as and the answer was apparently commando now, if any of you are, I don't know legal experts out there. Please do get in the comments and let me know whether or not I can't pursue the tyneside cinema in Newcastle for the 30 pound bar table. I was logged off because apparently, I've learned during this video that is not true, so says: screenwriter, Stephen D'Souza. No, he wrote die hard and commando, but he completely unrelated brand-new original, not connected to die hard. In any way commando I mean, I guess, with them being optioned at the same time, some idiot in Hollywood must've just assumed it was a recycling job and passed that around as fuck. No, it's fine, I'm fine! I'M over! It'S fine! I'M fine! Now the latter script, which never got used, admittedly did feature, are any fighting bad guys in a tall building, but had nothing to do whatsoever with what ended up being die hard that was based on a book called nothing lasts forever by a mr. throb. Nothing else. That'S a good name number one: Lance Henriksen has been killed by a terminator, an alien and a predator. I'M not proud of this one, because it's a really good fact and Lance Henriksen seems like a pretty cool dude, but the next time the trivia question comes up. Name the two people to be killed by an alien, a predator and the Terminator simply shake your head, because the answer is: there's only one. You see despite the answer for years being Bill, Paxton and Henriksen. The latter has not completed the full set because, while yes, the alien queen, did rip him in half in aliens, he did not die from those wounds. He simply shut himself down of his own accord in aliens 3. I'M sorry, I know, I'm sorry is this pinnacle II, yes, is a tenuous. Yes, is it more anal than a Greek stab? Do yes, you're right? Absolutely, it is, but only bill paxton who absolutely ate it in Terminator predator, 2 and aliens. Has this honor? I'M sorry Lance, I'm so sorry, so there you go seven faults movie facts. You no longer believe are true. If you ever told your phone at parties, you can you can. Thank me, oh my god, what this it's the subscribe button, please be sure to hit that if you have it already or watch one of the two videos appearing below if it might be as good as this who knows anyway. Thank you very much for watching. Don'T forget to Like share and subscribe get in the comments say some nice things. My name has been Adam Cleary and I'll. See you soon.

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