Top 10 Suicide Squad Movie Facts

Don'T forget rid of bad guys, sure they're, the bad guys, but doesn't that make them more interesting. Welcome to and today we'll be counting down our picks for the top ten Suicide Squad movie. Facts for this list we'll be exploring the most amazing anecdotes, remarkable rumors and fun facts relating to the third entry in the DC Cinematic Universe, Suicide Squad. But what do you think of Batman's connection to the Suicide Squad and whose side do you think you'll be on in this epic fight between DCs and biggest powerhouses? Number 10. First comic book movie to star a team of villains. Let'S check in some work, but I finally have them the worst of the worst. The relatively young DC Cinematic Universe has its work cut out for it in distinguishing itself from its marble counterpart. But if Suicide Squad is a hit, it'll truly be breaking new cBAM ground Marvel has released team-up films like The Avengers and Captain America, Civil War, underoos, hey everyone they've, even given us a team of Outlaws in guardians of the galaxy, but they were more anti-heroes than Villains question: what if I see something that I wanted taken? It belongs to someone else you will be arrested, but what, if I wanted more than the person who has it still illegal Sony, has discussed a sinister six movie and Fox has toyed with the idea of a Hellfire Club film, but suicide squad officially takes the title Of being the first villain, centric comic book, team-up film, with its main roster of characters coming straight from the rogues gallery, they're bad guys exactly and if anything goes wrong, we blame them. We have built-in deniability number nine micro bombs. Suicide Squad isn't just a name. This is the deal you disobey me. You die. Try to escape. You die no boyfriend, you irritate or vex me, I'm known to be quite back thing, I'm just full warning you you duh in keeping with their contemporary comic-book counterparts. These bad guys are kept on a really short leash. Well, technically, they have a significant amount of mobility because, quite frankly, their job description involves a lot of running, jumping, shooting and impressive feats of strength, so much for low profile, but thanks to a micro bomb implanted in each member of The Suicide Squad, Amanda Waller has The ability to end the lives of squad members with the click of a button, that's about the most effective leash you can ask for, if you're trying to keep tabs on this band of career criminals in Psychopaths Suicide Squad, instructions read as follows: you can kill, but Only the people we tell you to or be killed number eight Batman's rule holiday, chit-chats gon na get charged in an interview with Empire magazine. Zack Snyder revealed that most members of the Suicide Squad have something in common. Apart from being extremely dangerous criminals, they have Batman to thank for their current stay in prison. It'S unclear as to how much screen time the Dark Knight will get in this villain. Centric flick but the first trailer revealed that he'll be interacting with the Joker or at least taking a ride on the hood of the Joker sports car. It'S hard to imagine the Caped Crusader being okay with Amanda Waller, letting criminals out of prison which has led to the speculation that will most likely be see him trading words with the brains behind the Suicide Squad as well Waller. You knew when you sent your little Suicide Squad into Arkham. They'D, go off-script number 7, Harley Quinn's long short list that I should kill everyone in escape. Sorry, the voices they really said. The teaser trailer for Suicide Squad took Comic Con and the world by storm. In 2015 and Margot Robbie's, Harley Quinn was central to this eerie and captivating first peek. If this first look and subsequent trailers have made panes hopeful for one thing, it's that Harley Quinn will not disappoint the hell's wrong to people for bad guys. That'S what we do! It'S hard to believe that WB ever considered anyone else, but they reportedly shortlisted Allison brief Mila Kunis, Emma Watson, kat dennings, Jennifer Lawrence and many others, suggesting that the character could have gone in many different directions. Wb and David Ayer seemingly had full confidence in their final choice. However, as according to Robbie, she didn't even have to audition. I actually got off in this one. I didn't my audition, which is a real step up as an actor when you can get off of things. Number 6 prioritizing practical effects, so save the world CGI and film has made leaps and bounds since it was first used to digitize the worldview of Yul Brynner's. Robotic gun slinger in the 1973 film West world, but for all the progress it's still hard to deny that CGI, when used too liberally, take something away from contemporary action. Films, Christopher Nolan, might have prioritized practical effects over CGI in his bat films, but Zack Snyder's, Batman, vs Superman was criticized for overusing CGI, especially in the climactic battle. What have you done? Thankfully, David Ayer has stated in interviews that suicide squads production focused on practical effects. As much as possible, with characters like enchantress and El Diablo and the lineup will surely see some CGI magic but hopefully it'll be in moderation, number 5 matching tattoos. I was riding a wood and I spelt it wrong. Apparently, David Ayer strongly encouraged his Suicide Squad cast to bond over the course of filming if they were to become a believable ragtag team of misfits on-screen. They needed to be a tight-knit team off-camera. First, they hung out together in a communal rec room where they had birthday parties watched sports and played ping-pong according to Killer Croc himself, Adewale akinnuoye-agbaje Will Smith took the lead in team-building activities, weird whiskey. What am i 12, how you have stuff Warner? A number of cast and crew members seemingly went so far as to tattoo sk w ad, on each other and in photos. It appears that margot robbie performed some of the tattooing herself. She actually admits to having made a spelling mistake once oops. How did you spell it Sawa dear, but I went straight from the S to the W squad. Unfortunately, there's really no take to when you're tattooing remind me not to let you tattoo, but if you still want one number, four Ryan Gosling almost played the Joker. Let'S play Hollywood: what? If what? If John Travolta hadn't turn down the role in Forrest Gump, what, if Tom Hanks it played Jerry Maguire? What? If Ryan Gosling hadn't walked away from being the Joker? Apparently, he was offered the role first. Jared Leto is a respected actor, but Ryan Gosling is one of the few contemporary actors with comparable clout and film resume to back it up. I got this sweet job coming up. How about this shut your mouth I'll? Kick your teeth down! You throwing now shut it for you. He was initially interested, but the multi film contract killed the deal Joker, maybe the role of a lifetime, but not necessarily the one he wanted to spend a lifetime playing Ryan Gosling hasn't committed to a long-running project since young Hercules. Hey, can you blame him for wanting to keep his options open, though? Hey nice item number three Tom Hardy originally cast as Rick Flagg Rick you're, a good soldier. Your father would be proud. It'S hard to believe that this 1998 male modeling competition winner became one of Hollywood's biggest names. The Dark Knight Rises failed to please everyone, but the sheer brutality of Hardy's grounded Nolan verse interpretation of Bane was certainly a standout performance stock-exchange. There'S no money. You could steal right now. Why are you people here fans rejoice to hear that he'd be joining the Suicide Squad, but filming overlapped with the revenant forcing him to drop out the start? I don't feel nothing. I just heard the sound of knife scraping against my skull as sad, as was to lose him. It'S still a testament to David Ayer script that Hardy took the role. Jai Courtney had vowed to never do a comic-book movie until he heard David Ayres pitch. Here'S hoping that the compelling script translates to the screen and maybe Hardy will get another shot to join the team in a sequel, [, Music ] number, two reshoots, so that's it huh, where the passes with some kind of Suicide Squad. It'S a word that media outlets love to jump on the dreaded reshoots reshoots have garnered the reputation of meaning. This movie is a train wreck, but in reality, most big-budget films involve some reshoots. With a film of this scope, it's often worth going back and fine-tuning to get the best results, even in situations where reshoots are used to fix major issues as World War. Z certainly proved. According to the rumor mill, Suicide Squad underwent reshoots to add more levity. Despite a few jokes in the trailer, it was supposedly turning into a pretty dark movie after the mediocre reception, Batman V Superman received with its somber tone, insiders claim that the studio ordered a comedic booster shot for Suicide Squad. However, the film's director David Ayer, maintains that the reshoots are not to adjust the film's tone. Y'All Joker's must be crazy, [, Music ], but before we reveal our top pick here, a few honorable mentions this ain't no task force. Let'S call it like it is: go to the Suicide Squad. [ Music ] number one Jared Leto's method. Acting, I'm not gon na kill ya, [ Music ], I'm just gon na hurt you really really bad method. Acting has been used by many of the greats, including Marlon, Brando, Sally Field, Daniel day-lewis, Jack Nicholson and tragically Heath Ledger when he took on the mantle of the Clown Prince of Crime for the Dark Knight, thankfully Jared Leto seems to have successfully come out. The other side of his time as mr. J, but things still got pretty dark and weird during his time and character. He reportedly sent his fellow cast members gifts that only a true gang of sadistic killers could appreciate things like bullets, sly, brats, a dead pig used, condoms and more he sent a dead pig Margo got a live rat. The rat is attained gift. I still have the snake he gave me. Pinky Leto describes the role as walking on hallowed ground and in order to do it justice he needed to live as the Joker full-time. Can I get? Do you agree with our list? What'S your favorite Suicide Squad fact for more larger-than-life top 10s published every day be sure to subscribe to [ Music ]

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