Top 10 Best Movies of 2019 (So Far)

From 1939 to 2009 year's that end in nine seem to have like the best movies. Let's see if 2019 can join that list, hey guys, I'm rebecca from watch mojo and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 best movies of 2019.

So far that means we're looking at the movies released in the first half of 2019 that are sure to stick with us. Let'S check them out number 10

Apollo 11.
It takes a true feat of filmmaking to transport audiences back in time, but that is exactly what director Todd Douglas Miller accomplishes in the documentary Apollo 11: a captivating exploration of the 1969 mission that put a man on the moon since the spaceflight happened fifty years ago. You wouldn't think there'd be much left to say through never before released footage that Miller's team recovered and gorgeously restored. However, this historic milestone is given a whole new perspective. Well, it seems to be an early frontrunner for the Best Documentary Feature. Oscar Apollo 11 shouldn't be forgotten by the editing branch for condensing hundreds of hours of footage into a tight 93 minutes, see this one in IMAX for sure Applause, ],

Number, nine, The Souvenir
This British dramas understated approach may be an acquired taste for some. Once you peel back the film's various layers, though you'll find an involving coming-of-age story, that's sure to resonate with anyone.
Who's been in an unhealthy relationship, acting opposite her mother, Tilda, Swinton, honor Swinton burn, delivers a breakthrough performance as Julie. I feel so. I want to know not live my whole life in this very privileged and pop the world I come from. I want to be able be really aware about. What'S going on around me, a young film student Julie becomes romantically linked to the mysterious Anthony played by Tom Burke, although Anthony appears charming. It soon becomes clear that he's an addict and a liar. It'S Julie, who's lying to herself, however, as she repeatedly makes excuses for Anthony's behavior writer, director Joanna hogs, semi, autobiographical narrative, isn't always easy to watch, but the film's insight into human nature is a meaningful souvenir in itself.

She looks sad. I think she looks determined, I'm very much alone number eight high life Robert Pattinson, has certainly come a long way since Edward Cullen in high life Pattinson turns in a multi-faceted performance as Monty a criminal living out his death sentence on a spaceship. We'Re prisoners find themselves at the mercy of dr. dibbs played by a seductive Juliette Binoche high life encompasses the visual flair of a sci-fi blockbuster like interstellar and the humanity of a sci-fi arthouse picture like Solaris. It'S a psychological and erotic thriller set against the chilling backdrop of deep space. There'S nothing to fear. The film is also very much in the spirit of Stanley Kubrick playing out like 2001, a Space Odyssey Meets The Shining anchoring the ship is director, slash, co-writer, Claire, Denis who balances themes of isolation and redemption. This mission came turner ashamed to some type of glory. I can't do this flying around them.

Number seven Shazaam
I don't know your name, sir, for real okay. Well, not as grand in scale as Wonder Woman or Aquaman Shazam delivers exactly what we've been wanting out of the DCE you now officially cleansed of its needlessly gritty roots. The film is fun colorful and humorous, but it doesn't feel like a Marvel wannabe. If anything, the two superhero movies Shazam shares the most in common with our Richard Donner's original Superman and it's 1980 sequel. Speaking of the 80s Shazam takes a few cues from that decades. Defining blockbusters like The Goonies, gremlins and particularly big. What are your superpowers? The film's success can largely be attributed to Zachary Levi, who convincingly portrays a boy trapped in a Superman's body and a sure angel who paints an authentic portrait of a child. Coping with abandonment,

Number Six Rocketman
Were going from from Bohemian Rhapsody to Rocket Man. Director Dexter Fletcher has played a hand in two of the most rousing musical biopics of the past decade. Rami Malek won a Best Actor Academy Award for his performance as Freddie Mercury, and we wouldn't be surprised if Taron Egerton finds himself in a similar position for his electrifying portrayal of Elton John enter ten blasts off the silver screen. As the charismatic English singer.
Taking the audience on a voyage down the yellow, brick road, I'm thinking is changing my name to Elton that's my name. No, the film chronicles John's neglected childhood rise to superstardom and battle with substance abuse. All of which is set to a pitch-perfect selection of songs. The result is not only a stimulating, jukebox musical, but also a fascinating look behind the heart-shaped glasses number five, how a train your dragon', the hidden world! I don't see a way of staying here. Any long 2019 is sure to go down as a landmark year for animated sequels.
The lego movie 2 was a gleeful follow-up to its 2014 predecessor and the hidden world concluded the How to Train Your Dragon series on an appropriately bittersweet note. The story of hiccup and toothless is perhaps the closest an animated franchise has come to replicating the magic of Peter Jackson's. Lord of the Rings trilogy each chapter raised the stakes expanding upon the lore and took the action to new heights.
Most importantly, the series never stopped evolving. Its characters really touched. Success. Hiccup is one of the few animated protagonists. We got to see grow from adolescents to manhood over the course of multiple films and shows culminating in a satisfying send-off. What are you gon na do about it? Probably something stupid number four book smart, which took them four years, we're doing it. What night the funniest movie of the year so far also just might be the wisest Olivia Wilde's foray into filmmaking is carried by the wonderful dynamic between stars, beanie, Feldstein and Caitlyn Bieber. The two actresses reportedly made an instant connection upon meeting deciding to move in with each other shortly after their genuine bond translates beautifully to the screen in this honest and hilarious high school comedy like American Graffiti and super bad. The story takes place roughly over the course of a day as the characters try to make up for lost time and come to grips with the future. Billie Lourd Skyler Joe Sandow and Jason Sudeikis round out anna brewery supporting cast continually delivering laughs. While our leads give the film a beating heart, [, Music, ],

Number 3, John wick chapter 3, parabellum:
Tell me what we've seen John Wick overcome impossible odds before, but parabellum pits an entire world of assassins against him around every corner. Somebody is either throwing punches, shooting bullets or chucking knives at mr. wick, although John remains a force to be reckoned with. This third chapter pushes him to his limits like never before it's a good thing. He receives a little backup from Halle Berry and two canine companions. Nice good to see you too, director chats to hell ski ups, the high-octane action, while keeping it grounded and also delves deeper into the mysterious world of assassins. Keanu Reeves has never been better in a role that will forever be remembered for kick-starting the Keanu sauce. We'Re not going in like the old day's number two of us just as he didn't get out. Jordan, Peele blends elements of horror and humor in us. Although his follow-up film leans more heavily on the horror side us is every bit as unique as peels directorial debut once again, proving that he is they cannot replicate a visionary whose voice. It'S like a classic Twilight Zone episode. The film takes a fantastical premise and brings it into the real world with biting social commentary. There'S a family in our driveway. Each actor turns in a stellar duel performance, although the MVP is easily Lupita Nyong'o, who blurs the lines between empathetic and pure evil fittingly enough. This is one of those movies that you need to watch at least twice to fully appreciate its rich themes, clever symbolism and killer twists. So I never saw us because I had to voice our top 10 things you missed in us before they even released the movie and I ruined the ending and then I just never saw it because I'd ruin the ending. So do you think it's still worth it for me to see it? I feel like yes right anyway. Number one is probably pretty obvious and I don't think it's gon na be unseated as best movie of the year anytime soon, but maybe we went rogue and did something weird anyway, stay tuned until after these honorable mentions to see what we did. I don't understand why she didn't tell me I don't know. Maybe she didn't work you in a flash. I know you tell me the same thing every 10 years. It doesn't matter what your names are. You walk around here interrupting the rock you like. You haven't seen the Sun in 20 years, not quite at the end, yet almost there, though, just be sure to subscribe to our channel and ring the bell to be notified about our latest videos.

All right back to business

number one Avengers endgame
Seems like a thousand years ago between Captain Marvel and especially Avengers Endgame 2019 has proven that there is no such thing as Marvel fatigue after 21 movies and 11 years and game delivered everything we could have hoped for, and we mean everything every character is given their due: every risk the filmmakers take pays off and every storyline the Infinity Saga has set up, miraculously comes together, it's a movie that'll, have you crying at least once cheering at least twice and re-watching? Over and over again, I can telling everybody they should move on someday bananas. We'D say the MCU is never gon na top the cinematic achievement, but then again many of us thought the same about the original Avengers.

In any case, a new standard has been set for superhero crossovers and modern Hollywood epics. This is gon na work Steve. I know it is cuz. I don't know what I'm gon na do. If it doesn't well, that number one seems inevitable. You see what I did there anyway. I can't wait to see what other great Keanu Reeves movies we get this year. Uh. Let us know in the comments what great movies you've seen in 2019 so far be sure to LIKE and subscribe and check out this other video just cuz

Top 5 Movies In The 'Conjuring’ Universe

Anabelle comes home, is the third chapter in the Annabelle franchise and it's in theaters right now, which means get ready for more scares from our favorite sinister doll, and you should know....
 I have a very, very serious fear of dolls, so I can just so excited to introduce you to my special guest today, the one and only Annabelle.
Thank you so much for joining me. You really dressed up for camera. You look great Annabelle and I thought it would be really fun to count down the top five films in the conjuring universe: you're ready Anna Boch, none, which is a spin-off of the conjuring two feels, unlike the rest of the films in the franchise. First, it takes place in Romania in the 50s and a giant castle, so has a really great gothic feel to it. We get the backstory of one of the series, most iconic villains and waiting for the demon, then to appear behind every corner of the abbey kept me at the edge of my seat. The whole time bless the young nun in the movie played by taissa farmiga who's.

The younger sister to Vera Farmiga, who of course plays Lorraine Warren in the franchise. It'S her performance that makes this movie so memorable. Wouldn'T you agree?

The curse of La Llorona was a pleasant terrifying surprise, because I wasn't too familiar with the Mexican folklore of the curse of the weeping woman...
Let's just say I won't be forgetting it anytime soon the film sees a mother who Has to save her children from an evil spirit, desperate to steal them away, and if you thought this is just a movie turns out to lie.

Aronia is very real to many, including actress, Patricia Velasquez. There will always be a family member, including myself, who may be heard her touch. She saw her mostly heard her when my Jana is very present. She is a part of all of us, [, Music ], if I'm drunk, too had a lot to live up to, and it did paranormal investigators.
Ed and Lorraine Warren traveled to Britain to investigate a poltergeist terrorizing, a young family which eventually possesses the 11-year-old Daughter giving us some similar creepy vibes to the Exorcist, the sequel is packed with some very memorable characters from The Crooked Man to the iconic demon nun in a scene that freaks me out every single time.
I watch it; I'm so glad you're so up close and personal with me because this next one is all about you and about creation, really scared me.
Not only did we get the backstory of Annabel, which is a bit of a heartbreaking story, but we also got some of the best jumps scares in The entire franchise after a group of orphans moves into a farmhouse, one of the girls finds the possessed doll in a closet, and that's when everything gets seriously creepy. Plus you're so emotionally attached through these characters that it affects you when Annabel wreaks havoc on them. Yes, you did Music ] want to play hide-and-clap.

The Conjuring, of course, is number one, and not just because it launched one of the most successful horror franchises ever, but because it's one of the best horror films in my opinion of the 21st century, we got to meet Ed, Lorraine, Warren and watch them. Try to save a family from a very evil spirit, James Wan, who directed it, showed us why he is a master at suspense. It has everything you want in a haunted house movie from ghost popping up unexpectedly to one of the creepiest exorcisms in a film, and of course, it's the first time the audience got to meet Annabelle where'd she go well, there you go. Do you agree with our countdown of the best conjuring films? Let us know in the comments below but be careful how you answer because Annabelle reads all of those comments.